Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rainbow cookies

Fairway carries at least 3 bakery brands of lactose-free rainbow cookies: Oberlander, Delancey, and Lilly’s.

Oberlander makes some very good Passover cakes, but their Passover rainbow cookies are disappointing and their Passover black and white cookies are some odd crumbly styrofoam-based play food that bears no actual resemblance to a black and white cookie and tastes like anti-chocolate. The regular Oberlander rainbow cookies had a bland flavor and mediocre texture.

I know Lilly’s from Whole Foods. They make excellent rugelach and very nice black and white cookies (with a blue and white version for Chanukah last fall). Their rainbow cookies came in an unsliced and comically tall loaf, whose primary ingredient seemed to be dryness. There was no flavor at all.

The Delancey rainbow cookies are ok. The chocolate and fruit flavor components are a bit lacking, but the texture is very good. Compared to the other two brands, they’re delicious.

The Fairway bakery case in Stamford had two house-made rainbow cookies, one with a regular chocolate enrobing and one with a white chocolate enrobing. Unfortunately, ingredients were not available for either one. The Fairway bakery counter said that they weren’t required to provide ingredients. Well, I’m not required to buy their cookies.