Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Thornton’s Fenway Grill burned last night. The lifespan of eateries around here feels really short—I’m more likely to be able to eat at a restaurant I remember from 30 years ago in New York than at a place I ate at a few years ago around here. Soleil Cafe, which was our other breakfast joint when they were open for breakfast. M&M Roast Beef, whose print menu I redesigned in 1995. Boingo, with their excellent chai and the sandwiches they imported from Malden. The place in Malden that made those sandwiches. Giovanni’s, where I went for lunch every Wednesday like shul. Sesame, the only Chinese restaurant in the US that’s ever replicated for me the battered shredded beef dish that I always order in England. And all the others, and now Thornton’s, which was always more about the cheerful company than the food.

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