Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where’s that Bat Signal app?

We all have tasks that don’t get done because we don’t have the skills or strength or knowledge or motivation. At least, I suspect I’m not the only one who runs into that. And some tasks are simply easier to tackle with many hands, such as unloading a moving truck or painting a house.

The current poll asks what you would like outside help with, in overly broad categories: Moving heavy objects (strength), Sorting papers (motivation), Electrical or plumbing (skills), Tech support (knowledge), Cooking or cleaning (motivation). I separated out sorting papers from cooking or cleaning because sorting papers is typically an infrequent intensive task, whereas cooking and cleaning are continuing obligations. Moving heavy objects and cleaning both usually benefit from many hands, but most of the others really only need one or two people who have the requisite knowledge or skills.


ruthling said...

I usually sort papers once or twice a year (although I try to keep on top of the day to day stuff). It's the deep cleaning (e.g., taking all the furniture away and washing everything) and the dealing with all the stuff (toys, knick knacks, etc) that needs general maintenance and cleaning that I never seem to find time for. I also have a few small handy-man type jobs that we probably should have done years ago... which is why I picked "plumbing/electrical"

Michael said...

We've twice had a cleaning crew come in to do an in-depth cleaning. Both times it was the first cleaning before hiring them to do regular cleanings. I think the cost was about $200, and it was extremely thorough.

We're very happy with our cleaner Paulo, and would definitely recommend him for both regular and one-time cleanings.

Laura A said...

I checked 'electrical/plumbing' because those often require tech skills we don't have and 'cooking/cleaning' because I don't have time to keep the house as clean as I would like. Or, to be fair, I would like the house to be cleaner than it is but not enough to spend more time cleaning it. I did not check 'moving heavy things' only because we do not currently have any heavy things that need moving. We did hire movers when we got the house last year.