Monday, April 6, 2009

In loving memory of my first crosscut shredder

Since doing my taxes requires going through all the loose papers in the house first, my first spring cleaning task involves sorting everything not yet filed away in my home office. That always makes me more receptive to articles about organizing, and the best personal account that I’ve read in a long while is by Sara Rimer in The New York Times. The reader comments are great as well—full of suggestions, alternative viewpoints, and a sense of collaboration.


Michael said...

The reader comments in the Times are quite a pleasant change from the Boston Globe’s typically Hobbesian reader comments; I’m not sure why the two sites have such a different approach to reader comments, given that the Times also owns the Globe. Perhaps the Globe is the designated repository for all the bad comments that both papers receive, like that one grocery store in every chain that gets all the expired food.

Anonymous said...

I think the Times moderates comments much more heavily and with explanation. You can see some good comments "communities" in certain Globe blogs that have an active moderator/host.