Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wedding advice wanted

A good friend has just gotten engaged, and is planning the wedding for this summer. Possibly an outdoor wedding. What’s your most important piece of wedding planning advice, from your experience either planning a wedding or attending weddings?

I’ll go first: if there are a lot of kids attending the wedding, set aside a separate space where they can run around when they get bored. Possibly with a babysitter to help out.


vardibidian said...

Keep in mind that the only really important thing is that at the end of the day you'll be married. If things go wrong, then you'll have stories to tell about it afterwards. And if nothing goes wrong, then nothing goes wrong, and that's a story, too. But even if you wind up with lots of stories to tell, the important thing is you'll be married.

That said, I think the most immediately helpful bit of advice was to start with the list of people you will want to invite, and then work out the size of the reception hall, the food, the cost and all of that.


irilyth said...

I really liked having the ceremony and the reception in the same place, which eliminated travel issues, trying to time things so people don't have either too much or too little time to get between the two events, and just generally made the whole thing feel like one big celebratory event.

Michael said...

It's very helpful to designate someone to be the go-to person for any questions on the wedding day itself, and make sure the caterer, band, etc. all know to ask that person questions rather than the wedding couple. Takes a bit of the pressure off the wedding couple on that day.

Anonymous said...

for an outdoor wedding, have a backup plan. doesn't matter what time of year if you're around here.

also, decide what's important up front, and let the less important stuff go in favor of it. Nobody can tell you you *have* to have anything (apart from what's needed legally, if this is a legal wedding).