Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Palin v. Public Garden

Walking across Boston’s Public Garden this morning was a surreal experience. The Garden is lovely in early spring colors: the cherries and tulips are blooming, the early leaves on the willows are the brightest green imaginable after the brown of winter, and the cool, dry air and dappled sun puts a Spring in your step.

And just across Charles Street is a hoard of people supporting our country---right and wrong, or right and left depending on your point of view. Over there, it’s bright, crowded, and angry with flags and posters and t-shirts.

As I was leaving the Garden, I passed a man with a t-shirt that said “The American Constitution is a BFD!” I wish I knew whether he was a supporter or a protester.

I haven’t wanted my Obama button so much since the election, but it’s in my other bag.

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