Saturday, July 10, 2010

Points to remember for next year’s Readercon

First prize was one John Norman novel. Second prize was [all together now] two John Norman novels. Except it wasn’t. Second prize was an autographed John Norman novel.

Theodora Goss for reading her stories. Mary Robinette Kowal for readings and voice workshops and panels. Lev Grossman for talks. Cecilia Tan for panels and talks. Samuel Delany on a panel when I want to hear someone who sounds like my father.

The Tiptree bake sale is worth supporting, but selection may be limited.

Kaffeeklatsches can be fun if you actually sign up for them.

There are many panels and talks featuring people running a small press or a magazine. War stories are fun, but remember that almost all of these people have day jobs.

Random readings are generally better than random panels.

Papa Razzi on the other side of 95 is a much better real food option than the pub.

There are many paths to Readercon. On Friday, the highway routes are not the right choice.

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