Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bridge, Quechee Gorge

Photo by Michael

I focused on perspective in this photo, hopefully giving the sense of falling into the frame. This should be reinforced by the sense that the photographer’s perch is insecure or perhaps in midair. I was actually on a path running along the gorge underneath the bridge, kept quite secure by a tall chain link fence. You can see a bit of the chain link in the lower left corner, but the photo doesn’t work as well if you crop it vertically to remove that.

The bright sun made for an exposure challenge, but I’m glad the stark shadow of the bridge surface parallels the support girder on the left edge of the image. That softens the slight deviations from symmetry in the bridge structure.


Anonymous said...

I liked this photo although I thought it worked well when cropped so that the bottom was the horizontal girder, even though that means your diagonals don't go to the exact corners.

Michael said...

When I crop it that way, the distance from foreground to background is shortened slightly, but the larger effect is that having the horizontal girder at the bottom of the image anchors the viewer.