Friday, September 10, 2010

Massachusetts primary on Tuesday

For state treasurer, the candidates are Steven Grossman and Stephen Murphy. I’m voting for Steven Grossman, but I won’t be upset if Murphy wins.

For state auditor, I’m voting for Suzanne Bump. She’s got the best chance of beating Glodis, who’s a corruption-prone and racist asshole. Bump also seems like a good person for the job. I’m happy about this vote.

For Governor's Council in the 6th District, there are two candidates on the Democratic side. Terrence Kennedy is campaigning, while Suzanne English-Merullo isn't campaigning. The winner will face Republican Paul Caruccio, who thinks illegal immigration is a major problem in MA. Even though I’m tired of former prosecutors like Kennedy controlling our judiciary, I’m voting for Terrence Kennedy.

For state senate and state rep, nobody’s running against Jehlen, Sciortino, or Garballey. I’m voting for my incumbents for those offices and all others except:

For Attorney General, I’m leaving the ballot blank. Please do not vote for Martha Coakley.


Amy said...

Hey, I wanted to thank you for this; I had looked at a sample ballot weeks ago that somehow didn't have treasurer or auditor, and this post first made me aware that there were multiple candidates for those, and then when I had failed to do my own research by Tuesday afternoon, it gave me people I felt I could plausibly vote for. So if you ever wonder if posts like this have an impact, they totally do. Thanks!

Michael said...

Glad to provide a service, and even more glad to hear that it was helpful!