Friday, April 15, 2011

Passover wines 2011

For 2011’s seder we’ll go with last year’s winner, the 2009 Tishbi Emerald Riesling, for the first glass. Second glass will be the only red this year: a 2007 Recanati Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. If we’ve finished those bottles by the third glass, as seems likely, we’ll open a 2007 Ella Valley Chardonnay, from the valley where David defeated Goliath. Then for the fourth glass we’ll go with a lightly sparkling Bartenura Moscato.

The Tishbi Emerald Riesling was my favorite again this year.

The Bartenura Moscato was startlingly light and clear, with almost a spritzer feel. At 5% alcohol, it barely feels like drinking wine.

The Recanati Cabernet was very dry, and those who like dry red wines seemed happy with it. Lisa and I both strongly preferred it with food, particularly paired with the lamb tagine that we served. It was not right for following the sweet Emerald Riesling.

The Ella Valley Chardonnay was fine, not very sweet, with no flavor notes that really stood out.

For 2012, we tried a Galil Cabernet and a Rashi Moscato d’Asti. They were ok.

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