Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot or not?

On a hot air duct in our basement:


Michael said...

There's a chance that the yellow insulation is asbestos-containing material, and it may well be right to leave it in place even if it does contain asbestos. Especially since you can't throw it away—there is no more away in Massachusetts. From the Mass DEP website:

"Asbestos waste that is thoroughly wetted, properly packaged and labeled can be disposed of in a Massachusetts landfill that is specifically permitted by the MassDEP to accept asbestos-containing waste materials (special waste). [...] The only landfill in Massachusetts currently permitted to accept asbestos wastes, the Waste Management landfill in Chicopee, has decided, at least for now, not to accept asbestos waste."

Michael said...

A very nice gentleman came out to take a look on Monday, and we made arrangements to have the suspicious material removed properly using the glove-bag method. We're currently in the 10-day waiting period required by MassDEP.

Michael said...

The suspicious insulation that may or may not have contained asbestos is no longer in our house. It is on its way to a landfill in Ohio, thanks to the nice folks at Clean Air Environmental. The only hiccup was some last-minute confusion about what time they were arriving. The job on site took less than an hour, they seemed thorough and careful, and one more house job is now completed. Thank you to Kevin and Dave at CAE!