Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TSA will not ask travelers to do anything that will separate them from their child or children.”

Doesn’t that sound nice? Except for forcibly separating me from my child, TSA fully honored that promise last week.

Lisa, carrying our 2-week-old son, walked through the metal detector. I was sent to the AIT, which I opted out of. At that point, Lisa was on the far side of the checkpoint with our infant and all of our possessions, while I was kept out of sight and out of hearing range to await a pat-down. When I told the TSA again that I was traveling with my wife and infant son, I was told I could not move at all to be able to see them or let them know where I was. A TSA agent inspected our bags without waiting for me to arrive, so I could neither ask nor answer questions. A TSA agent confiscated most of our infant’s purified water for mixing formula without waiting for me to arrive, so I could not protest that decision (or even be informed of it until after the dangerous purified water had been removed to an undisclosed location).

This was in the security screening lane reserved specifically and exclusively for passengers traveling with children in strollers. These TSA agents were not dealing with an unusual situation. These TSA agents were simply acting in blatant disregard for the instincts of parents, the needs of children, and their own published promise.

Perhaps the key word in the TSA’s promise is ask. A careful reader would know that the TSA’s promise is meaningless, because the TSA never asks anything. They simply issue arbitrary and capricious demands, and then whine about the public not showing enough respect to go along with our compliance.

It’s enough to make me wonder out loud when Occupy Wall Street will expand to Occupy Terminal A?


irilyth said...

"The TSA does not... ask for your cooperation."

Antony said...

And people wonder why I don't fly anymore. Or go to the United States at all.