Sunday, November 11, 2012

Otter Point

I’m really torn between these two approaches to this wave sequence at Otter Point in Acadia National Park. The series above focuses on a single enormous splash, the shape forming and unforming. The series below adds an anchoring foreground, a sense of a vantage point, and the balanced timing of the foreground splash receding as the more distant splash explodes. If printed large and hung at eye level, the bottom sequence should still allow the viewer to focus on the more distant splash.

I think the top sequence is more successful because of its simplicity, and the bottom sequence is more interesting.

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Jed said...

I agree with your conclusion. I think the second sequence is neat, but busy--there's enough going on in each frame that it's not immediately easy/obvious to focus on the pair of splashes. I think if the foreground splash were a little more obvious/distinct/standing-out-from-surroundings, it might not have the busyness issue, but then again it might.

Anyway, I do like both sequences, but I like the first one better as a set of photos.