Sunday, May 3, 2015

Not happy with our Samsung refrigerator

We have a Samsung French door refrigerator. We like it. Well, we like some things about it. It’s large, it keeps our food cold, and it turns out that we really like having the freezer on the bottom.

But it’s also a defective piece of shit, and we don’t like that side of it as much.

Nothing interesting. Flames don’t shoot out the doors when you open the fridge. It doesn’t wobble its way across the kitchen and start molesting the microwave. But the glides that let the freezer drawer open broke after a year. Samsung replaced the glides, and the replacement glides stick all the time, making it very difficult to open the freezer all the way. Samsung says it’s supposed to be that way, because who wants to open the freezer?

Oh, and the door and freezer gaskets aren’t really all that strong. And food along the back wall of the refrigerator compartment tends to freeze, so you can’t use the back couple of inches of the refrigerator, but that’s ok because the refrigerator is really deep so there’s a lot of room anyway.

But the truly annoying thing is when you go to close the left refrigerator door, the one that has the little divider flap that seals up the space between the left and right doors, and the divider flap doesn’t flip itself to the right position and your door bounces back open because the divider flap won’t let the fridge door close. Until you put everything down, hold the divider flap in the right place, and carefully close the door, because that’s convenient. Every. Time. You. Use. The. Door.

Why would that happen? Well, Samsung used a crappy little spring to manage the divider flap, and that spring lasts about 16 months before snapping into two pieces. And the plastic sleeve that it goes into also breaks apart after a bit over a year. Next week we’ll be on our third of each in less than four years. So you have to keep replacing these little pieces, and apologizing to your family and friends for your defective refrigerator until the parts arrive, and explaining that no, you really don’t recommend Samsung appliances, but you also don’t feel good about throwing out a $2000 refrigerator after just a few years, so you’re reluctantly living with it.

Samsung’s attitude is telling. A one-year warranty, because most of the refrigerator parts last at least a year. (Yay?) A one-time repair out of warranty, because that gets you in the habit of repairing your refrigerator instead of demanding a refund. And then an insistence that you start giving Samsung more and more money for repairs that don’t even hold up, with the excuse that they’ve already covered repairing their defective appliance out of warranty once, and how could you possibly expect them to keep repairing their defective appliance without bleeding you for more money? I mean, that would clearly be unreasonable, because an appliance company shouldn’t have to pay for five repairs in four years. With no acknowledgment of the fact that an appliance shouldn’t NEED five repairs in four years, and that if it does need five repairs in four years, that’s their fault and they should absolutely be on the hook for repairing it or replacing it.

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Antony Green said...

Why would a smartphone company be making refrigerators in the first place?