Sunday, May 22, 2016

Try asking for what you want

Our temple runs a bunch of programs for kids that are free and open to anyone. We want people to show up, and we hope people will decide to keep coming back. But if we are hoping that people who don’t decide to join as members will at least make a donation, I think we have to ask. Since we have a flyer about the various family programs, that seems like a fine place to put the request.

We are delighted that you’re joining us for family programs at Temple X. Your participation and support helps us keep our doors open, hire great staff, and run these programs that connect our children to vibrant Jewish experiences and community. Here are three ways you can support us:

Spread the word and bring a friend! We love meeting new people, so tell your friends about our lively family programs.

Donate! Membership dues only cover a portion of our expenses. A lot of our programs happen on Shabbat when we don’t want to talk about money, so when it’s not Shabbat please consider sending a donation to Temple X.

Join us as members! We are committed to creating an active and meaningful community together, and we would love to have your family become members too.

The alternative that we are currently pursuing is apparently to refuse to ask for money, advertise the programs as free, and then become more and more resentful that people are slow to join as members and don’t donate anything to cover the costs of running these programs. Having secret expectations of people is mean and self-defeating.

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