Monday, September 29, 2008


We went to see Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza earlier this month, and seriously considered going back to see it again before its Boston run ends in a couple of weeks. We’ve seen a lot of Cirque shows at this point, and despite the consistent structure and predictable clowning, many of the acrobatic acts in Kooza still managed to surprise and delight in new ways. Strength, grace, flexibility, teamwork, a sense of play, and a complete defiance of physical limitations and occasionally of physics itself. Those are hallmarks of Cirque shows, and their shows leave me not just in awe of what other people can do, but convinced that I can push beyond some of my own limitations.


Lisa said...

And of course the Wheel Of Death!

or this video, which Jed recommends not watching if there's any chance you'll see the show. In Kooza, there's only a double-wheel, not the combo with the triple-wheel shown in this video from Cirque's KA:

Lisa said...

This is a video from an actual performance of Kooza. It's shaky, but fun nonetheless because of the audio of the people doing the recording. Gives you a real sense of the gut-wrenching awe: