Thursday, September 11, 2008

Primary Day next Tuesday

If you live in Carl Sciortino’s district and are voting on the Democratic ballot, the only name you’ll see on the ballot is Robert Trane. But you can still vote for Carl, who is a great state representative (and a really friendly, kind, and interested-in-the-world person). Just write in “Carl M. Sciortino, Jr., 17 Orchard St., Medford” in the next empty box and connect the arrow or fill in the bubble. See for details.

I’ll be doing the same for the Register of Probate position for Middlesex County. Solves the problem of how to vote against John Buonomo. Carl for everything!

Our only other serious choice on the ballot is for Governor’s Council, which rubber-stamps reviews judicial and parole board nominations. I’m voting for Michael Callahan, because his opponent scares me.

This is how I choose to take note of 9/11. Please vote.


ruthling said...

I'll be standing outside one of Carl's district's polling places with more stickers to hand out. Maybe I'll see you.

Vardibidian said...

From The Phx, "I am told that Carl Sciortino will coast to victory in his state rep race, thanks to MassEquality's marauding army of sticker-wielding homosexuals."

Whoo hoo!

Michael said...

Well, Carl got 13 votes in Medford as a write-in/sticker non-candidate for Register of Probate. 4 of those were in wards that aren't in his State Rep district. I wonder how many of those 13 votes were from people who were aware that he wasn't running for Register of Probate.

When we ran into Carl the night before the primary at a local restaurant, I told him that I was writing him in for Register of Probate. I think he and I are both glad he won the State Rep primary instead.