Monday, January 11, 2016

Dentist possibilities

Dentist possibilities (always check recent yelp reviews)

Brookline Dental Team
Dr. Hyejin Kwak, Dr. Seth Bozarth, Dr. Khaled El-Rafie, Dr. Myron Bass

Belmont Dental Group
Dr. James Nager, Dr. John Lapidus

Smiles by Rosie (East Somerville)
Dr. Rosie Wagner
(Michael went to her for the first time in January 2016 to repair a broken bonding on 9. She was very nice and happy to explain exactly what she was doing. Time will tell on how the bonding lasts, of course.)

Dr. Dale Wetmore, Dr.  David Bloom (Back Bay, Boston)
After 15 years going there, office staff refused to provide a quick copy of an x-ray for an emergency repair (saying they had 30 days to provide records).
Dr. Wetmore is conservative about fillings and cavities, Dr. Bloom is much more aggressive. (Dr. Bloom wanted to do fillings on 18 and 19 in Nov 2015, Dr. Wetmore said there was no need in Dec 2015 when he looked.) I trust Dr. Wetmore when he says something needs to be done because he is generally very conservative about that.
Bonding on 9 broke in 2011, broke in Jan 2014, and needed to be reshaped a bit in spring 2015.

Dr. Russell Forman (Cambridge)
recommended by Joshua and Kyla

Dr Fish at Restorative Dental Group in Cambridge
recommended by Josh, who has had good experiences there in general including some crowns
When reading yelp reviews, remember that many people are reviewing either their hygienist experience or billing issues, rather than the dentist.

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