Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Looks like a nice day to play ball

This image is a clear way of illustrating the difference between equality and equity. Should each of the three fans be given the same box to stand on, or should each be given what they need to be able to see?

But look a little further than the foreground, and the image raises far more questions. Should these three fans be relegated to peering over an outfield wall while the more affluent white fans are welcome in the ballpark? Or is my assumption of the racial makeup in the stands colored by living in Boston?

There is no pretense of equality or equity in what we pay the professional athletes vs. what we pay anyone else in the ballpark. Thousands of people want to come watch these athletes play ball, while nobody wants to watch me edit pdf files. How should pay reflect that? Aside from establishing minimum salaries, how do equality and equity factor into collective bargaining? And since the entire ballpark was built with taxpayer financing, what sort of public access should there be?

Illustrators and designers routinely have their work ripped off, devalued, and undervalued, while content distributors, internet service providers, and hardware and software companies rake in huge amounts of money. Doesn’t distributing an image for free perpetuate that inequity?

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