Friday, April 4, 2008

To and fro and to and fro

Drove to Davis Square yesterday to meet Lisa, and arrived a few minutes early. So I ordered spring rolls at Taipei Tokyo, asked at the Somerville Theater if they had any tickets to the long-sold-out Joe Jackson concert on Monday, found out they were just about to release a few tickets, ran around to find a working ATM to pull cash out of, back to the theater to buy tickets to the concert, back to Taipei Tokyo to pick up my spring rolls, and back to the car with time to spare before Lisa arrived on the T.

In CS terms, a LIFO stack (car, restaurant, theater, ATM, theater, restaurant, car) and the world’s worst traveling salesman solution. In business terms, productive use of unexpected downtime. In personal terms, we’ve got front row tickets to see Joe Jackson!

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