Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Buy visits our range

One day, Michael and Lisa received a renewal notice from Best Buy for the service contract on their GE gas range. “That’s interesting,” they said, “apparently we have a service contract on our gas range. I wonder if Best Buy would fix the burner that doesn’t light reliably? It’s not a big problem, but we do have a service contract.”

So Michael called Best Buy, and Best Buy promptly offered to send an Expert to come fix their gas range the very next day. Lisa and Michael were very excited, and the next morning the Expert called and told them when he would arrive. “Between 9 and 11? That’s great!” So the Expert arrived when he said he would, and he fixed the problem immediately.

“This little metal igniter point on the burner and the corresponding little metal point on the burner cap just need to be cleaned off occasionally,” explained the Expert. He used a metal file for a few seconds on each point to make sure that they would make contact properly, and tested the burners to make sure they worked correctly now. “Thank you,” said Michael. “That couldn’t have been easier,” said Lisa. “You’re welcome,” said the Expert. And he gave them a receipt explaining what he had done and confirming that there was no charge for his work, and then he was gone.

“Wow,” said Michael, “I had no idea that Best Buy service was so easy! I didn’t even need to find my original receipt, and they came and fixed our range the very next day. We must be the luckiest customers in the world.” And they were.



Jennifer said...

So are you renewing the service contract?

Michael said...

It's much more likely after today's experience. $130 for 3 more years of service coverage seems a little high, but we do like the range a lot, and a new equivalent would be $600 to $800.

However, if we buy a new refrigerator from Best Buy, we're now pretty likely to get the service contract.