Friday, May 23, 2008

Finding new music: comments

This is a comments thread for the current poll. How do you find new music? Do you still find new music, or are you content with the music you already know?


Vardibidian said...

I have far too much music already to listen to all of it, particularly since (alas) my life does not currently allow me to listen to music more than a few hours a day. So when I pick up something new, I am always aware that actually listening to it entails not listening to something else. I do it, but not very much. As an example, Elvis Costello has a new album out, and I didn't rush out to buy it. I want it, and I plan to get it soonish, I hope before the long-trips-in-the-car part of the summer commences in three weeks or so, but I will get it with a touch of weariness that listening to it is another thing to find time to do.

That said, I do pick up discs at the library, particularly children's music, mostly for playing in the car. The last few new performers that I've liked have been either pushed-by-friends or library, but we're talking maybe four in as many years.


Michael said...

Of the musicians and bands I've started listening to in the past few years, most were either from radio or from concerts with multiple performers. I've found a lot of fun music while web-surfing, but nobody I've gotten hooked on. The web's been great for hearing more of someone, though, if I've just heard a song or two on the radio and I'm trying to figure out if I like more of their music than just that song or two.

Michael said...

A couple of votes for finding new music through libraries, a couple of votes for the radio, a vote for live performances, and none for recommendations from friends or web surfing.