Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bringing democracy to GTD

Would you rather be able to vote for multiple tasks, or only be able to vote for one? I’m only committing to tackling the task that gets the most votes, though yesterday was surprisingly productive. (And a new set of tasks is up.)

Wednesday results

Remove junk from basement (0 votes): Yeah, this was my least favorite too. Maybe when the weather is warmer.

Get new switchplate cover from Lowes (2 votes): Ok, that step is done. We have two electrical double boxes over the bookcase by the front door, and each double box has outlets and a light switch. This seemed like a good idea, except for the part where you come in from the rain or snow and are hitting the light switch with a wet hand right next to the outlets. Code requires GFCIs in kitchens and bathrooms because those are wet environments, so I think it makes sense to replace these outlets by the front door with GFCIs. Which means replacing the switchplate covers, since GFCIs need a rectangular opening rather than the usual double plug opening.

Collect tax documents (2 votes): Ok, all 1099s and W2s are now accounted for and entered into the tax software. I’m using both TurboTax and TaxCut this year, to see if one is easier than the other or if there’s any areas where they disagree. Entering tax information into both programs hasn’t taken a lot of extra time. The biggest difference so far is that TurboTax downloads an endless stream of updates and refuses to install them in the background. Advantage TaxCut.

Find destination for books we’re discarding (3 votes): A surprise winner in the voting! I love the idea of the Wellesley recycling center book exchange, where Wellesley residents can take and leave books. When I called and asked whether they accept books from non-residents, they said it would be ok to drop off books in boxes at their office. That’s this afternoon’s task. (Update: tomorrow’s task, since I need to confirm tonight that these are in fact the books we intend to discard.)


Anonymous said...

does it say which one we voted for?

can we vote for you to come to our houses and get things done there, too? :)

dannielo said...

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Michael said...

@ruthling: I only see the total votes, not individual votes. As for voting me out of the house, I’m always happy to try to help. Do you have any outlets with reversed polarity, or PDF files causing you trouble?

@dannielo: Let me know when your web app includes participatory prioritizing.

Lisa said...

I would vote for tires if the polls were available. The non-working spare has been making me nervous.