Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Future news

In a little over an hour, the Executive Office of Transportation is going to release their recommendation to extend the Green Line out to a Route 16 terminus (with no parking structure).


Michael said...

If you'd like to see this major announcement in person, the public meeting will be at the St. Clement's High School New Parrish Hall, 579 Boston Ave., Medford, MA. Enter on Warner Street (Harvard Street) and go downstairs into the large hall. The meeting will be from 4:00 until about 6:15 or 6:30. There will be a period for public comment at the end.

You can tell when the EOT reaches a decision because smoke starts pouring into the sky from Bill Wood's ears. Green smoke indicates that a terminus has been decided on. Red smoke indicates that it’s a Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Huh! Is this a State agency, or a Medford one, or ... ?

Also, how close does that get it to meaning it's actually going to happen?

Michael said...

The EOT is the lead state agency for planning this extension. They are still preparing the draft environmental impact report, so they're a long way from construction.

The state still claims they will meet the 12/31/2014 operational date for the project. They have a lot of major hurdles to clear, though, both political and logistical. Somerville hates the maintenance facility. Medford hates change. The state has no money, the MBTA has no money and no credibility and no source for train cars, the federal New Starts program is a needed source of money but a black hole for transit projects, and it's not clear that any new transit projects can get cleared in Massachusetts at all without an approved regional plan which we don't have.