Friday, February 20, 2009

GTD progress

The poll wasn’t working for a good bit of yesterday, but installing GFCIs and replacing tires ended up tied. I’ve just finished installing both GFCIs. (I should perhaps clarify that these random tasks are just the optional bits of life that don’t have the same priority level as work or laundry, and the only reason that I haven’t prioritized the tires is that I have another car I could switch to.)

The new task list options: (a) Test surround sound; (b) Schedule a piano tuning; (c) Bake cookies; (d) Clean up back deck.

I’ve long wanted surround sound, and finally have an appropriate receiver and speakers. I need to figure out at some point how that all gets hooked up, so I can order the rights set of cables and wires. The piano tuning involves finding a new piano tuner, since my previous one seems to have retired. The cookies would be for an event that my arts council may be hosting soon (and perhaps for a story reading we’re hosting next week), and cleaning up the back deck is so I can get back to grilling as spring arrives.

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Michael said...

Schedule a piano tuning and bake cookies tied for the lead. Conveniently, Lisa's mother showed up yesterday with a fresh batch of cookies. So tomorrow I call around for a piano tuner.