Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tasks all done, let’s have pie

Thank you all for voting and commenting on my to do lists over the past week. I dutifully followed through on the leading tasks, and I’m extremely glad to have them done. The house is safer, my car is safer, my piano will be tuned on Tuesday morning, and the books will be read by new people.

I learned that the comments had more impact on my thinking than the votes, and the simple act of making the lists public spurred me to finish a few tasks immediately. The process of trying to balance various tasks to put in the poll forced me to think through which tasks were feasible and how to break some of them into discrete steps, which the GTD system encourages. I feel like it was a successful experiment.

In celebration, there’s currently a poll on what lemon recipe Lisa should post next.

1 comment:

fran said...

We've got Arizona lemons! Please give us lemon fro-yo recipes before they wither in the fridge and are useless to anyone.